Sound Dog Swims is a pet services business that provides water romps for dogs and more!  We are based in West Seattle, but we can schedule water romps throughout the Seattle Metro area.  Here in the Puget Sound and in Seattle in particular, we are surrounded by water but, remarkably, the opportunities for taking dogs swimming are restricted.  Most are a significant drive for the majority of dog owners who otherwise would love to give their buddies some quality water time.

Those folks know that water exercise is the premier aerobic exercise for dogs which can be effectively modulated according to the ability of each dog without losing the benefits of the high resistance of water. Dogs who swim are generally healthier, more limber and resilient to progressive debilitating arthritis as well as being less prone to injury when running or hiking with their owners.  Swimming exercise is every bit as beneficial to dogs as it is for humans and for many of the same reasons.

This blog will be a discussion of what I have learned and am still learning about why every dog, young or old, fit or rehabilitating, will benefit enormously from moderated, progressively challenging time spent in a natural, legal, safe water environment.  I am knowledgeable and compassionate, and a common sense, water-loving dog owner. But I also have over 30 years experience and inquiry.

I’ve worked in veterinary clinics for domestic animals, exotic animals and birds, large animals,  and rehabilitative wildlife medicine.  I minored in animal behavior when I obtained my BA in English.  I have instructed as an Education Docent in two major urban public aquariums as well as a hands-on veterinary care assistant in an urban public zoo.  I have written for environmental groups related to urban wildlife.

But most recently and most importantly to you, I’ve raised and nurtured a water-loving dog.  That big goofy looking blonde in the pictures is my own furry buddy, Levi.  He’s as fit and friendly as he looks and at nearly 8 years old, he’s still going strong with a proper balanced diet,  stimulating and  challenging walk/hikes/log jumping and swimming.   Sound Dog Swims is about how to truly maximize the well-rounded active lifestyles you desire to lead with your most beloved dogs.  It is about supporting the maturing canine in your life with the most beneficial and appropriate activities.   It is my belief that the compassionate canine person will understand that balance is needed to preserve the health of any dog and to keep those tails high and moving for all the years of their lives. Sound Dog Swims will be your partner in those efforts in a way that is affordable, safe and fun. It is truly never too late to have your dog start swimming or “power wading” or brisk walking, whether for weight loss, geriatric mobility, stamina-building, socialization or fun.

Write to soundDogswims@gmail.com, or  fill out the contact form on our website if you have any questions or want additional information.  We would love to talk to you.

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