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About Swimming with Dogs & Water Temperatures

The majority of dogs are wonderfully well-adapted to accommodate the moderate temperature gradients, especially when only the top 18” of the water, at the most, is entered into by the dogs.  The upper layer of lake water is considerably warmer year-round here in the Seattle area than many areas of the country.  I understand that our year-round temperate climate might be different from the mid-west or east coast frozen waters you might be familiar with.   The good news is that Seattle dog-owners are fortunate to be able to effectively exercise their pups in open water year -round because of these milder temps.

Some folks assume that  breeds specifically meant to be water dogs and/or sporting dogs are the only candidates with enough “vigor” or “resiliency” for fresh-water swimming exercise.  Fortunately, for the dogs of other breeds, as well their owners, this isn’t really true.  Once a dog, regardless of species, is confident in the water, they tend to want to be in the water just as much in the middle of winter as the summer –  if they’ve been having good experiences prior. I’ve taken dogs out swimming when it is snowing, believe it or not.  The swim time will be reduced in length, naturally, but the dogs who love swimming (all breeds) are utterly indifferent to the frigid temps.  I keep an eye on them noting any reluctance, but generally that isn’t observed when a dog has prior swimming experience. And when the water romp is finished for the day, these dogs are invigorated and exhausted and deeply content.   After all our year-round, water romp trips, they are cleaned off, rubbed down or gently massaged while they are being towel dried.  They will have their ears dried out too.  To finish up, we walk five or so minutes to cool down their muscles.

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SDS Services List updated!

  • Swim Romps

10 minutes of water resistance exercise = 30-40 minutes of walking exercise!

Photos & videos of dogs in action in the water featured for Free on Facebook!

30-minute Gentle Wades $22.50

Gradual strength and confidence building wades. 10-minute gentle warm up, 10-minute chest-high, shallow water wade –  on leash to start – 10-minute gentle rubdown;  Great to use for building into a full 60-minute swim as strength and stamina builds.  Optimal progressive schedule is four times a week. Progress and marked improvements often after four weeks.

60-minute Swim $27.00

Ten minute warm up, 40-minute swim (including progressive intervals),  ten-minute cool down.  Three times a week is optimal at $25/hr.

90-minute Swim $40.00

Ten minute warm up, 80-minutes of swimming!, ten minute cool-down.  Two to three times a week is optimal at $35/hr.

* Power Walks

30-minute Power Walks on Land $20.00

Way beyond the typical leisure “potty walk”; these are very brisk walks utilizing nearby neighborhood hills and stairways if available. Dogs love the customized pace.  They will usually defecate if they are going to, plus they get high quality exercise time.  Three – five times per week @ $18/30-min power walk.

60-minute Power Walks on Land $35.00

Same as the 30-miute power walk, but we have more time for the progressive, “aerobic” intervals of hills, stairs or log-jumping !  This is a rare exercise and socialization alternative for a two or three times a week schedule at $30/hr. Refer a friend and receive a discount on this service!

Nail Trims:  $5.00

Brush /Comb Out:   $20-$30 prior to swimming to prevent matting. Leave-in oatmeal conditioner applied after swims, by request at $3.00.  Brushout requires 48 hours advance notice.

* Poop Scoop at Owner’s Home $12.00./1 dog. $6/additional dog Owner must provide shovel and location to deposit waste.

For weekly clients:

*Pet Taxi to vet or groomer

*Pet food Pickup/delivery

* Administering meds – pills or SubQ injections.

Discounts (sorry, only one can be applied):


Progressive Animal Welfare Society and Human Society members


Holiday Rates:

For weekly customers, same as usual rates and will be given preferred schedules.

Infrequent clients, holidays are billed at time and a half for the following:

Memorial Day; 4th of July; Thanksgiving; Day after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; Christmas Day

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Added to our calendar…

Sound Dog Swims will be at Shag Housing/Arrowhead Gardens on September 25 offering pet care discounts for Seniors. About 11 – 1:00!

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Upcoming events this week!

Sound Dog Swims is thrilled to be invited as a vendor to the Fourth Annual Starbucks Pet Fair on Thursday, September 9, 2010 at the Starbucks Corporate Headquarters in the SODO District of Seattle, WA. Stop by from 10-2 and learn about all manner of pet care related groups!

We’ll also be at Alki Community Council’s FAMILY FUN DAY on Sunday, 9/12/10 on Alki Beach! Free! Noon Dog parade, contests, concert & more. Come by to meet us!

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Even more dog pix!

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Dog pix taken since our last posting…

It’s a dog’s life!!!

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Welcome to our new blog!

We’re so excited to be here!

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